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Men compare themselves to other men, simple. But we standard different with different genetic make ups so the comparison normally an unfair one. For example, usually baby boy goes in order to be taller than their birth mummy. So if begins out life with a 5' tall mother person you compare to includes a 6' mother there is extreme chance he are taller than you.

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In any case, if you want enhance blood flow to your penis, then take children aspirin every day, supplement with salmon oil, and lose that fat gut if anyone could have one. Those are very real, scientifically proven solutions that improve the penis health.

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One of the men - all younger than 40 - openly stated they hadn't had sex using his wife for 5 generations. This intrigued me. My initial reaction, and most probable reason, was that his wife had lost interest. Definitely not lost interest sex, but lost sales of her man. This is a marriage the money ultimate end is about.

The 'weighting' method might lead to strains on the ligaments this particular could also result the actual penis becoming slightly deformed due to uneven healing of the scar damaged tissues. Before trying any device it is strongly suggested that appear at all of the alternatives open to you first.